"Her smile was the sun and everyone around bathed in its warmth. In her, they found everything they could ever want to be."

- caffeinatedyogi

"She was tired of living somebody else’s story, so she wrote her own on coffee-stained paper with the ink of adventure."

- sunshine-cuddlesandcoffee

"The world was a marathon and she was running in first place. Not because she wanted to win, which she didn’t, but because she wanted to show everyone else that winning was possible."

- challengethefear

'who' or 'whom'? I never know :(

Well you’re in luck - in British English, ‘whom’ isn’t really used as much anymore, ‘who’ is used in all contexts for the most part. 



*sends you huge chunk of heart* ;) goodnight jack

*puts under bed* - actually, that came off creepier than intended.

You are wonderful and much too sweet. I loved reading all of your snippets, and I'll definitely be buying your novel once you get it published. Have a wonderful day! :D (I'm assuming you're reading this in the morning/daytime since you've mentioned heading to bed a few times tonight!)

You are correct, I was asleep! But you are most welcome :)

What do you prefer to write? Fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry?

I prefer fiction, but I do have a lot of love for nonfiction and poetry. I do enjoy script writing too, but it’s an entirely different beast.